Pete Barr | Specialist Areas of Interest
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Specialist Areas of Interest

  • Parental substance misuse and its effect on children.
  • Impact of domestic abuse on children
  • Post crisis assesment – engendering positive and sustained changes
  • What has to change for seriously injured small children to be safely reunited with their parents.
  • Multi agency working
  • Sibling Attachment Assessment  (to assist with long term care planning)
  • Fostering (Form F Assessments, Parent and Child Assessments, Supervision of Foster Carers, Training specifically developed for Foster Carers)

Pete Barr CQSW


A HCPC Registered Social Worker

Reg No: SW20771

Current Registration to Dec 2018

  • GwynneddGwynnedd
  • N SomersetN Somerset
  • PortsmouthPortsmouth
  • RutlandRutland
  • Cornwall CollegeCornwall College
  • Five RiversFive Rivers
  • CafcassCafcass